Residency "George Sand and Frédéric Chopin" in Genshagen

April/ May 2013

 Two months residing in in a castle. With me: French musician, actor and writer Olivier Maltinti and Polish photographer and geographer Tomasz Padlo.

Talking in the chimney room, small escapes to the tavern of the village, bicycle tours and walks int he park. Listening to the Polish-German-French-English mélange of languages. 

Due to the residency, the three of us were able to work in a nice surrounding and a focused atmosphere on our artistic projects. But we also put our artistic abilities together to create something trinational, trilingual, tripersonal.



Picture: F. Kenneweg

April/ May 2013

Schloss Genshagen

Residency in Prague


Thanks to Hessischer Literaturrat in cooperation with Prager Literaturhaus, Friederike Kenneweg spent one month in Prague. She blogged about her daily experiences there, had a look at the theatre festival in German language and took the time to read a lot of Czech and Prague-German literature like Jan Neruda, Lenka Reinerová, Václav Havel, Franz Kafka, Gustav Meyrink and others. And above all, she walked a lot over the stairs and along all the small dark alleys and absorbed the atmosphere of the famous Golden City.

November 2011

Writer in residence in Ranis/ Thuringia


From September 2007 to September 2008, Friederike Kenneweg was writer in residence in Ranis, Thuringia.


Ranis is a very small town right in the middle of Germany, but but when you get there, you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere. 

Somehow it happened that right there, some people care for literature in Thuringia. They made the event "Raniser Literaturtage" - days for literature in Ranis. And they inventend this writer's residency. What you get there? 100 days in the small town and the possibility to have a book afterwards - some work about this special area, whatever you like.


Friederike Kenneweg wrote the little story "Geschichten aus der Winterhand" - "Tales from the winter's hand", about some strange events taking place in this area. A writer comes to town, meets some people, gets drunk, abducted and writes a story about - fairys???