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Since January 2012, Friederike Kenneweg blogs on "frintze. Sounds. Thoughts. Books."


She writes about everyday life, reading experiences, invented her personal sound diary "Sounds der Woche" and the strange genre "philosophical weather report". 

Since 2012


canine madness

Texts, pictures.

In December 2012, Christian Wöllecke and Friederike Kenneweg spent one week in an empty hall, the ONE SHOT SPACE. There they took their time to paint in a special process of collaboration. They gave names to the pictures and got inspired by the forms and colours for some texts - poems and prose.

They presented both - pictures and texts - in a mixture of exhibition and reading at the end of this week in December 2012.

18th of December 2012

Mehrfachbelichtung - Rumänische Erkundung

Multiple exposure - romanian exploration

A group of writers and artists from Thuringia made a summer's trip to Transsylvania/Romania to have a look at the fading heritage of the Transsylvanian Saxons. 

After returning, they took their impressions - photographs, writings, notes - and added poems, field reports and memories of Transsylvanian Saxon writers who live in Germany. This mixture forms a special anthology which shows different views on Romania - in the past and today.

Contributions by Grit Bärenwald, Andreas Berner, Daniela Boltres, Daniela Danz, Nancy Hünger, Friederike Kenneweg, Marius Koity, Hansi von Märchenborn, Helge Pfannenschmidt, Werner Söllner, Martin Straub


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Geschichten aus der Winterhand

Tales from the winter's hand


Graphic: Andreas Berner


Tales from the drawer


Katharina Stangler edited stories, tales and notes written by people from Berlin she found via internet, newspaper, flyer or word-of-mouth recommendation.


Stories written in a special moment. Directly and full of emotion. 


Katharina Stangler illustrated the stories with coloured copperplate printing graphics. 

Graphic: Katharina Stangler

Texts by Marie R., Markus Steidl, Jasmin Winter, Peter Paul Grauther, Constantin Hartenstein, Friederike Kenneweg, Anne Stangler, Gregor Hinz, Marie Godeau

November 2010