Post Porn Poetry (2011)

In our super-capitalistic times, we analyse the human body - how is it represented in language, how is it sexualized, self-staged, consumed and exploited?What happens with our body when we sell our emotions? Or our thoughts? What happens when our body is sold? What relation is between self-determination, service and market?
Using texts from feminist theories, poetry and factual reports, two actresses play this game of power - who is the one to dominate? Who is best? Who is strongest? And in the end - who is the one to say I AM WHAT I AM?

Staged by Hanna Binder, Sophie Brustlein, Ivana Sajevic
Stage Direction: Agnes Hansch
Assistant Stage Director: Corinne Orlowski
Dramaturgy: Sophie Nikolitsch
Stage Design: Halina Kratochwil
Costume Design: Silvia Albarella
Sound Design: Friederike Kenneweg
Visuals: Branka Pavlovic

Juni 2011

Queen Mom (2010)

9 month: the belly is growing, and BOOM! there it is, the baby! Welcome to the madhouse! Since the BABY IS ON BOARD, four actresses discover what happens when all of a sudden everything is different. No more sleeping. Never. And chaos reigns.

In QUEEN MOM, birth is shown as a sensual event that creates a large amount of energy. But still the mummies in QUEEN MOM wonder how between diapers and biological food they shall find some spare time for - oh, yes, what for, anyway? What was it they wanted to do?
And where in the world might be Stefan?


Stage direction: Agnes Hansch
Choreography: Carolin Schmidt  
Stage Design, Costume Design: Halina Kratochwil
Sound: Friederike Kenneweg
Dramaturgy: Lisa Scheibner
Production: Nicole Otte
Staged by: Hanna Binder, Sophie Brustlein, Jannik Büddig, Anja Dreischmeier, Anna Schmidt

September 2010

Plastik (2007/ 2009)

dance piece

Based on Oskar Schlemmer’s concept of space and body an evening for three dancers, video projection and sound collage was generated.
The central topic of “PLASTIK” is the tension between the organic movement of the human body and the static architectonic space.
Following Schlemmer’s definition of space as “structure made up of measures and numbers” (“Gebilde aus Maß und Zahl”) the dancers move in space: at first they are dominated by the principles of space, then - little by little - they become active “space creators”.Constantly the dancers act out their movements in close connection with their costumes and with scenery, video projection and sound.
They pass through various stages of ‘corporal abstraction’, by which the human body is progressively repressed, until – with the help of a “space-plastic”costume - it finally fuses into a kind of art figure (“Kunstfigur”).

“PLASTIK” was first staged at the Stadttheater Gießen in 2007. A new version of it could recently be seen during the festival Figurenräume – Raumfiguren at the Bauhaus Dessau (December 2009)

Concept and Choreography. Juliane Scherf 
Sounddesign . Friederike Kenneweg 
Stage Design and Costumes . Corinna Mattner 
Video . Csongor Dobrotka 
Dancers . Céline Bräunig, Carla Pulvermacher, Adam Ster
Production Management . Janina Moelle 
Dramaturgical Advice . Melanie Zimmermann

2007/ 2009

Das Elisabeth Syndrom. Fragments of an Empress (2007)


“Looking at this legion of cadging invaders, of which since the death of the Empress each day every single one tries to make us believe that she died for him, one would act in the sense of her Highness answering to the question how the artist should represent her, with the words: with the fan before her face, like she used to show herself to the screaming mob during her lifetime.”

Idea and concept: Susanne Zaun
Text: Philipp Schulte
Sound Design: Friederike Kenneweg
Piano: Daniel Feige
Lighting: Philipp Schulte
Costume Design: Katharina Kownatzki
Costume Fabrication: Juliane Freitag, Renata Kos
On Stage: Annika Scheffel, Anna Schewelew, Anne Tenhaef, Susanne Zaun/ Sarah Bonnert

May 2007

December 2007 at megaFON Festival, Bochum

The malady of death (2006)

Play by Marguerite Duras

A strange malady comes from this man, who invites a woman to an experiment: He wants to “try it”, wants to try to love – and he wants to pay for it. She accepts – the arrangement is made. They get together and spend some nights in a room at the seaside, confront each other with their discrepancies and try to cross the borders between them.

Eine Produktion des Stadttheaters Gießen in Zusammenarbeit mit der Hessischen Theaterakademie

Stage Direction: Bastian Kraft

Setting: Bernhard Niechotz

Dramaturgy: Natalie Fingerhut

Sound Design: Friederike Kenneweg

Actors: Christian Fries, Nicole Lohfink

September 2006