Zwielicht. Vom Auftauchen und Verschwinden.

Twilight. To emerge and to disappear.


 Who is that woman who haunts the streets of Berlin-Moabit, waiting at doors, bridges, at passages, and makes the residents shiver? Where in the city you can find her tracks?


The walk leads us through the streets of Moabit. While walking, words, sounds, silence and fantasy form the biography of an unseen person, her story, her world.

We start from an old theatre, abandoned since years. From here, we have a look at details, we visit locations which are about to disappear and those who struggle not to.

The disappearing shows other worlds, tells stories, things become alive.

We listen to things which can t be real. We listen to the ocean right in the middle of Berlin. 


Graphic: F. Kenneweg

Concept: Friederike Kenneweg, Annika Scheffel

Text: Annika Scheffel

Recording, music: Friederike Kenneweg


Voices: Vivien Andrée, Friederike Kenneweg, Martin Kreusch, Michael Kunkel, Stefan Meyer, Marco Ponce Kärgel, Martin Sommer, Patrycja Spychalski

September 2013


Die innere Stimme oder

Kannst du immer noch nicht Skispringen?

The inner voice or: Are you still not able to ski-jump?


What do you really want? Can you decide weather it's really you or if it is all these voices from the outside - your mother, your father, the state, politicians, journalists - who tell you also in the inside what to do?


With this short radio play, Friederike Kenneweg won the Bildpause Competition 2011.

Voices: Dorothea Kenneweg, Hartmut Kenneweg, Ursula Kenneweg, Tobias Kurfer, Annika Scheffel, Folke Scheffel

May 2011

DRadio Wissen


July 2013

World of Ohrkraft Festival



Soundinstallation on musical practice


Practice is part of every musical biography. 

But practice - that is more than just music. During practice, you have to deal with big issues like success and failure, expression and discipline, experience of yourself and of your limits, giving up and starting again.


Friederike Kenneweg, Janina Moelle and Juliane Scherf talked to several musicians in different situations about their practicing experiences.

These interviews form the material of the sound installation "Exercices", which was shown in Gutshaus Britz in September 2010 in a Four-Channel-presentation.

Picture: Janina Moelle

Concept: Friederike Kenneweg, Janina Moelle, Juliane Scherf

Arrangement: Friederike Kenneweg, Janina Moelle

Recording, cut: Friederike Kenneweg

Contributors: Simon Dahl, Alexander Dreyhaupt, Daniel Feige, Gregor Kenneweg, Dorothea Kenneweg, Wiebke Matthiessen, Christina Moelle, Julie Randall, Barbara Rucha, Friederike Villwock

12th September 2010