Reading concert

 On her blog "frintze", Friederike Kenneweg started writing a special kind of short texts which she called "Sounds der Woche", "sounds of the week". Those little studies and notes in form and content focus on the relation of sounds and words. 


Every week, the amount of short texts dealing with hearing, listening and the description of perception grew. What about doing a reading with it? Probably a reading with music?


In collaboration with the musician and guitar player Marco Ponce Kärgel, Friederike Kenneweg developped the SOUNDS reading concert.


Kenneweg´s texts and Ponce Kärgel´s experimental guitar sounds still make the audience listen when the notes of the concert are long gone.

Guitar: Marco Ponce Kärgel

Text, voice: Friederike Kenneweg

Starting point: 2013

Filmmusic improvisation

In ngbk Berlin, there was a film maker´s workshop where people could develop some visions on their own, connected to the exhibition "Tagore´s Post Office". 

Film maker and cutter Branka Pavlovic worked with the participants on their short films which were about 3 minutes long. 

During the presentation, Friederike Kenneweg and Marco Ponce Kärgel improvised the musical environment to the little films. Here, you can have a look - and listen.

Guitar: Marco Ponce Kärgel

Voice, noises: Friederike Kenneweg

9th of May 2014


Oranienstr. 25

10959 Kreuzberg


Gwenda Sonke and Mike Hirnfiedler missing!

 The famous duo Gwenda Sonke and Mike Hirnfiedler disappeared. They last have been seen in february 2012 somewhere in the area of Neukölln where some witnesses listened to them in a living room concert. After that, the world lost their track.


If anyone has any hint where they are hiding, please write to



Picture: Elge Kenneweg

Guitar: Mike Hirnfiedler

Voice, melodica: Friederike Kenneweg

December 2010 to February 2011